The All-Linea team

The All linea team is made up of a group of independent workshops which, thanks to the experience gained in over 20 years in the alignment and repair of trucks, trailers, light vehicles and buses, have decided to combine their professionalism to offer the market efficient solutions for solving all problems related to wheel alignment.

Our service is aimed at owners, transport fleets, public transport bodies, vehicle dealers, trailer, semi-trailer and axle manufacturers and, in general, all those who want the best result to reduce consumption and inconvenience caused by the wrong set-up of wheels and axles.

The goal is to standardise the methodology to solve various problems, offer a highly specialised, quality and compliant service as regards the price list.

Savings and safety

Thanks to the presence of qualified personnel and the use of accurate alignment systems, it is possible to diagnose and solve the problems that cause premature tyre wear and all the friction that causes poor vehicle driveability and consequently affects fuel consumption.

Correct vehicle alignment has been shown to guarantee savings on tyre wear and, consequently, reduce fuel consumption. Taking the tractor-semi-trailer vehicle as an example and comparing fuel consumption before and after a routine intervention, diesel savings of up to 3% were calculated. Multiplied by an entire fleet, they turn into important numbers.

An aligned vehicle means greater safety on the road, greater driving efficiency and less stress for the vehicle driver.

Furthermore, by aligning your vehicle, you contribute to reducing emissions by economising on fuel and, with less tyre wear, the vehicle will release less fine dust into the environment.

A correctly and periodically aligned truck guarantees, in addition to economic savings and a reduction in pollution, driving comfort, both for passengers and for the driver.

Thanks to a dedicated advertising campaign, all the advantages that we have listed can be a winning formula for your corporate image in terms of excellence and environmental sensitivity.

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