Pit covering system

Asp System

Workshop safety

ASP System is a manually operated covering system for covering truck maintenance pits, adaptable to any existing pit.


The cover is made with aluminium slats with trapezoidal section B = 100 b = 70 H = 35 connected with a steel link chain and bearings diam. 30 mm.


Certified capacity 1500 Kg/m².

Increase the surface area of your workshop


Storage area located at the head of the pit complete with guides for the storage of the cover, reversible 4-blade pneumatic motor, reducer, limit valves, pressure regulator and condensate separator, silencer, fittings, brackets and supports in galvanised sheet metal , burnished transmission shaft, polizene pads, stop buffer, galvanised pinions, bearings, rilsan tube, control panel with activation buttons, pressure gauge and emergency stop push-button.


Pneumatic version only. The system does not require the use of electricity, making it particularly safe in the presence of vehicles powered by gas, methane or petrol.


The system allows you to completely or partially close the pit quickly and safely.


Pneumatic version only The operator uses the activation buttons placed on the control panel located near the pit to start the system and close or open the pit in a few seconds.


In the pneumatic version there are two emergency buttons: one on the control panel and one in the pit. You can walk on both covers but not drive on them.


Manual version for pits up to 8 m, supplied with locking slat and strap for opening / closing. Version with single pneumatic motor recommended for pits from 8 to 20 m. Tandem version with pneumatic motor for pits up to 40 m. Width from 600 mm to 1300 mm.

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